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When? Every sunday, starting 1st October 2017
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A unique and inspiring course

Why this Course:

Our knowledge of Deen  is incomplete without understanding the Sunnah of our dear Prophet ( saw). There is the famous Hadith in which our dear Prophet ( saw )  has said:
“I have left two matters with you. As long as you hold onto them you will not go wrong, They are the Book of Allah and my Sunnah.”

In our effort to preserve and spread this essential part of Deen, we have formulated this course which focusses purely on the words, wisdom, etiquettes and supplications of Rasool Allah (saw ) based on authentic narrations. It is a unique opportunity for the student of knowledge to enrich himself with this treasure without which the essence of our Deen is incomplete.

About the Course:

There are basically four core subjects in this journey of familiarising oneself with the traditions of Rasool Allah ( صَلَّى الله عليه و سلّم ) 

1) Arbaeen An Nawawi : Is a compilation of the most relevant Ahadith all strung together like pearls in a necklace by the great scholar Imam An Nawawi. These 40 Ahadith make you smile, make you cry, make you ponder, make you reform and above all make you love Rasool of Allah even more for leaving behind his precious teachings for us. It is in itself a complete Tazkiya program

2) Husn ul Khuluq : I a character building course where different aspects of our character will be analysed and then reformed through the verses of Quran and authentic Ahadith. This will be a lively interactive class with practical excercises to enable us to bring about a positive change

3) Fiqh ul Ibadah : Essential aspects of Fiqh will be dealt with here and explained through authentic narrations. Firstly we will understand why we need to study Sunnah, then the Fiqh of Taharah, Sawm and Zakah will be taught so that our basic tenets of Deen are strengthened.

4) Lastly and most importantly we will do Masnoon Duas for different occasions. Duas are our biggest tool and the essence of our Ibadah. So let's enrich our hearts and our worship by memorising some of the most significant ones.

This course is going to be a lively interactive course offering you a unique and highly beneficial package. So let's not contemplate further. Click here and register yourself on an enlightening journey toward building your akhirah.

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Note : Seperate seating provided for women with kids
  On site registration: 27th september 2017
  Course Commences: 1st October 2017