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Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and reason with them in
a way that is best. (Surah Nahl 16:125)

Course: DA’WAH DYNAMICS – The Art of Presenting Islam
Date: 29th & 30th MAY [Friday & Saturday] and 5th & 6th JUNE [Friday & Saturday]
Time: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Venue for Interviews: Al Manar Centre, Al Qouz, Dubai
Venue for the Course: Dubai Holy Quran International Award Building, Al Mamzar, Dubai
Registration: Registration is compulsory [click here for registration]

About Da’wah Dynamics

Allah sent his messengers from time to time to establish and promote peace on the face of the earth and today we are living in an age where international media plays a very vital role in influencing the opinion and understanding of the people around the globe about this noble message that Allah sent through his messengers and prophets. And we also notice that there is a great amount of negative propaganda against Islam that is being spread through this media, whether it be through News channels, News papers, Radio, Magazines, Books, Internet or Movies etc. It is an obligation upon every responsible Muslim to stand up and present to the world the correct and true picture of Islam in the light of glorious Qur’an and authentic sayings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). To continue the same noble mission and to carry on the legacy of the prophets this course will teach you the basics of Da’wah and lay the foundation where you will get inspired, gain knowledge and will give Da’wah.

Why Da’wah Dynamics?

If you want to become a medical doctor you have to study and go through a professional medical course, and if you want to become a specialist i.e an MD (Doctorate in medicine) you will need further training. Similarly if you want to become an Engineer you have to complete a course prescribed by the university for engineers. In the same way we believe that if someone wants to become a Daee i.e a caller to Islam he/she needs a professional training to learn the art of presenting Islam that will empower them to give Da’wah and promote a better understanding of Islam in a more organized and dynamic way.

What will you learn in Da’wah Dynamics?

A) The fundamental concepts of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and other religions of the world.
B) The effective way of answering the common misconceptions and allegations on Islam and how to have a positive discussion on Islam with the people of other ideologies.
C) Special training will be given on the techniques of public speaking and effective way of answering questions on Islam.
D) The participants will be taken through various practice sessions in order to improve their Da’wah skills and to equip them with knowledge to handle different situations.

About The Instructors
Dr.Shuaib Syed

Though a medical practitioner by education, training and profession with over seven years of successful medical practice, Dr. Shuaib Syed joined the Islamic Research Foundation [IRF] founded by world renowned speaker on Islam and Comparative religion Dr.Zakir Naik in 1997 and is the Manager (Research, Comparative Religion) and an Islamic orator at IRF.He had also been involved with the activities at IRF as an active and responsible volunteer since its inception. Dr Shuaib Syed handles the question and answer sessions at the weekly programmes at IRF in the absence of Dr. Zakir Naik. He has been a very active Da’wah worker since his college days.

In the past couple of years, Dr. Shuaib Sayyed has been invited by several organizations in India and around the world to speak at public talks organized by them. These have been appreciated by audiences. He has delivered public talks in Bangalore, Surat, Pune, Calicut, Trichur, Cannanore, Jalgaon, Bijapur, Mangalore, and Amravati as well as in UK, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Mauritius, and Botswana.

He has addressed Christian Conferences of over hundred and fifty pastors on the subjects, ’ Concept of Sin and Salvation in Islam’ and ’ Islam and Christianity’. He has had debates with Christian Missionaries in Bijapur and in Mumbai.

Dr Shuaib has imparted Da’wah training to young Muslim students in Mumbai, Bangalore and in UK. He assisted Dr Zakir Naik as a co-faculty for the international Da’wah Training Programme conducted by IRF in July & August 1999.

Ahmed Hamed
Ahmed Hamed is a young talented orator on Islam and comparative religion. He presents Islam in a dynamic way and clarifies misconceptions about Islam on the basis of Qur’an, Authentic teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and other world religious scriptures with reason, logic and scientific understanding.

Ahmed Hamed has been in the field of giving public talks and clearing the misinformation about islam for many years now. He has gained prominence through organising large Islamic events and has been a constant contributor to Peace Initiatives through lectures, talk shows and workshops.

In 2010 he was felicitated for his active role in spreading the message of peace by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai at the Dubai International Peace Convention, the largest biennial Islamic event organised in Middle East.

He was one among the five Indians who were selected to serve as board members of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for World Peace, Government of Dubai established by the decree of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, an initiative to accurately and fairly highlight Islam’s teachings of peace, as a doctrine that promotes harmony, tolerance and moderation.

His main expertise is in delivering public talks that promote friendly dialogue and understanding with other faiths. In the past few years he has delivered hundred’s of talks to a varying audience in India, UK, Malaysia, Kenya, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE which earned him a widespread admiration from various Islamic scholars, Christian priests, Jewish rabbis and Hindu gurus as well. He is a regular contributor to several Islam-ic talk shows and programs broadcasted on Dubai TV, Sharjah TV and Huda TV

He champions the views of Islam while clarifying misconceptions surrounding its noble teachings in order to foster Peace with people of all faiths and backgrounds.

* Registration is mandatory [click here for registration]
* Open for both brothers and sisters.
* Shortlisted candidates will be called for a personal interview
* Hurry up! Limited seats available.